Greg Mogenson is a Jungian analyst and registered psychotherapist practicing in London, Ontario, Canada. A graduate of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, he is a professional member of that society and of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. His practice is devoted to analytic psychotherapy and Jungian psychoanalysis for adult individuals presenting with a wide range of issues and concerns. He is also a registered marriage and family therapist, with clinical membership in the Ontario Chapter of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT). Drawing upon both the psychoanalytic and the family therapy traditions, he works with individuals and with couples in long- as well as short-term psychotherapy. In addition, he provides clinical supervision for psychotherapists, and lectures on analytical psychology to both lay and professional audiences. A prolific author, Mogenson has published several books and numerous articles in the field of analytical psychology. (Some of the articles are reproduced on this website.) He also serves as editor of the Studies in Archetypal Psychology Series of Spring Journal Books.


Professional Seminar: This seminar focuses upon the therapeutic application of the insights of Jung and subsequent contributors to analytical psychology such as James Hillman and Wolfgang Giegerich. Special attention will be devoted to dream interpretation and to case vignettes contributed by participants. Enrollment is exclusively open to psychotherapists and psychotherapists-in-training. Inquire by email: mogenson@rogers.com or by telephone: 519-657-4878